Thicker Than Water

2019 1h 30m 0

It has been a year since Paige and Nathan Petrovic tragically lost their teenage son Zach. Nathan and daughter Addie have slowly been putting their lives back together. Paige, however, remains consumed by grief and withdrawn, and is unable to work. In order to supplement Paige's lost income, the family decides to rent out their spare bedroom. Surprisingly, life starts to look up for Paige once their new tenant Brandon Wilson enters the picture.

Director: Caroline Labrèche

Genre: Thriller, TV Movie

Cast: Alicia Sales, Andrea Roth, Brian Froud, Eric Osborne, Félix L'Archevêque, Florence Situ, Hannah Dorozio, Jason Smiley, Josh Johnston, Katie Douglas, Kayla Henry, Kayleigh Choiniere

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