Them That Follow

2019 1h 38m 0

A Pentecostal pastor, Lemuel Childs, and his believers handle venomous snakes to prove themselves before God. Lemuel’s daughter, Mara holds a secret that threatens to tear the church apart: her romantic past with a nonbeliever, Augie. As Mara’s wedding to a devoted follower looms, she must decide whether or not to trust the steely matriarch of their community, Hope, with her heart and life at stake.

Director: Britt Poulton, Dan Madison Savage, David Gross, Mick R. Jones, Richard Lee Dalton

Genre: Thriller

Cast: Alice Englert, Annie Tedesco, Brooks Roseberry, Jim Gaffigan, Kaitlyn Dever, Katherine DeBoer, Lewis Pullman, Olivia Colman, Royce Joseph, Thomas Mann, Walton Goggins

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