The Informer

2019 1h 49m 0

In New York, former convict Pete Koslow, related to the Polish mafia, must deal with both Klimek the General, his ruthless boss, and the twisted ambitions of two federal agents, as he tries to survive and protect the lives of his loved ones.

Director: Andrea Di Stefano, Anissa Bonnefont, Arizona Eastwood, Claire Fowler, Daniel Jerome Gill, Jonathan Midlane, Rebecca Sheridan, Ryan Alan Dearth, Shelley Lankovits

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Cast: Abdul Patel, Alma Di Stefano, Ana de Armas, Anissa Bonnefont, Arturo Castro, Aylam Orian, Basil Iwanyk Sr., Charles Mnene, Clive Owen, Common, Edwin De La Renta, Emanuel Coelho

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