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Adrian is a young poet who decides to leave Romania and go live to Spain. He wants to change his life, earn some money and learn Spanish. Upon arriving in Cordoba, he works at a car dealership that sells both old and new cars. During the day he hides in a small caravan in the parking lot of the car dealership. One day, Adrian finds a package with a CD and poster for a tour of one flamenco / jazz band. He is enchanted by the music and by the picture of Maria, who plays a bass guitar in the band. They both meet after a concert on the beach, where they begin their relationship full of passion, problems and surprises.

Director: Tudor Giurgiu

Genre: Drama

Cast: Álvaro de Armiñán, Ariadna Gil, Belén Cuesta, Bogdan Craciun, Carmen Florescu, Cornel Brad, Emilian Oprea, Eric Francés, Fülöp Erzsébet, Luciano Panaitescu, Luis Bermejo, Manuel Bandera

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