Paid in Full

2002 1h 33m 0

Ace is an impressionable young man working for a dry cleaning business. His friend, drug dealer Mitch goes to prison. In an unrelated incident, he finds some cocaine in a pants pocket. Soon, Ace finds himself dealing cocaine for Lulu. Via lucky breaks and solid interpersonal skills, Ace moves to the top of the Harlem drug world. Of course, unfaithful employees and/or rivals conspire to bring about Ace's fall.

Director: Carol Pears, Charles Stone III

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Cast: Cam'ron, Chi McBride, Cynthia Martells, Damon Dash, Derrick Simmons, Elise Neal, Esai Morales, Hassan Johnson, Jamie Hector, Kevin Carroll, Mekhi Phifer, Nelson Tynes

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