Green Zone

2010 1h 55m 0

During the U.S.-led occupation of Baghdad in 2003, Chief Warrant Officer Roy Miller and his team of Army inspectors are dispatched to find weapons of mass destruction believed to be stockpiled in the Iraqi desert. Rocketing from one booby-trapped and treacherous site to the next, the men search for deadly chemical agents but stumble instead upon an elaborate cover-up that threatens to invert the purpose of their mission.

Director: Ceri Evans, Louise Wade, Paul Greengrass

Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Thriller, War

Cast: Abdelkrim Assad, Abdul Henderson, Adam Mackey, Adam Wendling, Alex Moore, Alexander Drum, Alistair Bailey, Allen Vaught, Ammar Khdir, Amy Ryan, Antoni Corone, Aroun Benchkaroun

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