A Perfect Day

2015 1h 46m 0

Somewhere in the Balkans, 1995. A team of aid workers must solve an apparently simple problem in an almost completely pacified territory that has been devastated by a cruel war, but some of the local inhabitants, the retreating combatants, the UN forces, many cows and an absurd bureaucracy will not cease to put obstacles in their way.

Director: Antonio Ordóñez, Fernando León de Aranoa

Genre: Comedy, Drama, War

Cast: Amar Rahić, Antonio Franić, Ben Temple, Benicio del Toro, Darko Peric, David Hadžić, Dragica Stojković, Eldar Rešidović, Feđa Štukan, Frank Feys, Goran Grgić, Goran Navojec

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